Worship in Women's Hands

A documentary exploring the meaning of women's liturgies for faith communities now and into the future

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Limited copies of DVD still available

There are approximately 12 copies of the DVD Worship in Women’s hands still available for purchase. If you would like one please order through the order link above.

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Ocean Psalms CD-ROM

Sadly the website for Ocean Psalms had to be taken down. Ocean Psalms is a beautiful work, the collaboration between Teresa Berger, Lorna Collingridge, Carol Thomson and Claudia Fulshaw but it was built in Flash technology, which is no longer being used, and the CD-ROM does not always work in the computers available today. It will work in older Apple computers running 32 bit operating systems and Windows computers. There are still 13 copies and if anyone would like one of these last remaining copies please email Lorna Collingridge at lcollingridge@gmail.com.

Ocean Psalms is a collection of mediations, music, prayers, songs, photography, psalms, and art, all focused on the sea.  In multi-media form, Ocean Psalms invites you into the both ancient and ever-new world of “ocean depths” as a way of deepening the life of the spirit.  At a point in time when the environmental assault on the world ocean has become life-threatening, Ocean Psalms witnesses to the primal bond between ecological and religious commitments. Ocean Psalms is organized around four times during the day: Dawn, Midday, Evening and Darkness. Within each of these four sections, there are meditations, prayers, songs, and blessings inspired by the ocean.

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